The Last Nazi Hunter (Cover Story)
Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff has spent four decades doggedly chasing Holocaust criminals, but when his pursuit led him to Lithuania, the fight got personal.

China’s One-Child Policy and American Adoptees
For thousands of Chinese adoptees and their families, the news that China was ending its one child policy was personal.

‘Good Girls Revolt’: The Feminist Legacy of a Newsweek Lawsuit
Until 46 women sued the magazine for gender discrimination in 1970, “women didn’t write at Newsweek.”

The Lost Keith Haring Mural in Manhattan
More than 30 years ago, street artist Keith Haring painted a three-story mural in a Catholic youth center in Manhattan. Now, its future is unclear.

The Father of the Anti-Vaccine Movement Responds to Measles Outbreak
Andrew Wakefield, the man behind the anti-vaccine movement, is mad as hell, and still convinced he's right.

The Atlantic

The Quandary of Illustrating Anne Frank
A graphic adaptation of the teenage Holocaust victim’s diary calls into question which avenues are best for retelling painful, complicated histories.

The Forward

Staging Holocaust Stories Proves Therapeutic for Witness Theater
As the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles, Witness Theater offers a new approach to preserving their stories — matching them with teens to dramatize their lives.


Daughter’s Rare Form of Albinism Turns Mother Into a Tireless Advocate
After her daughter Ashley was diagnosed with albinism and Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome in 1992, Donna Appell founded Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network, Inc. , a non-profit.

San FRancisco Chronicle

Users Add Chapters to a New Type of Tale
"The Silent History" is an app/novel that offers not only daily serial installments of a book, but also "field reports" in which some readers provide their own tangential "chapters" to the story.

The Muse

Why Great Students Don’t Necessarily Make Great Employees
You might be in for a rude awakening when you realize you can’t rely on the same assumptions, rules, and paths to success you’ve been trained for years to follow.

A Guide to Using Pronouns and Other Gender-Inclusive Language in the Office
Because you don’t want to be that guy. I mean, that person.

Your Reference Letters for Women Might (Unintentionally) Be Less Stellar
And you might not even realize it. Here’s how to fix your recommendation letters and references.

As an African American Ballet Star, Lauren Anderson Inspired the Next Generation
The first African American principal dancer at Houston Ballet in 1990, Anderson dedicated her career after the stage to teaching, and to diversity in ballet. (Part of the “I Was the First (or Only) at Work” project.)